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Dear Viewers, If you are seeking for TNEB Online Bill Payment than from here we are going to provide Step by Step Guidelines for your convienence.

TNEB StatusTNEB Status


  1. Firstly you need you have a valid Username and Password for login purpose.
  2. If you have your own Username and Password than you can directly login to the home page of TNEB and if not than you have to create your own new Username and Password by Clicking on New User Button.
  3. Now You have to select the range if which area belongs to Known the Status.
  4. After Selecting the Region now you have to give your Consumer No. e.g. 600056287 and than click on Detail Button.
  5. Now Check the Username & Password


Step  by step procedure or Guidelines for Users.

  1. Firstly you have to find Web Self Services and billing services option because it is very useful to pay your online payment very easily.
  2. Now find the procurement section which is for the Tenders.
  3. Now Search for Had which is essential for Linkup and for further developments of payment at time for Every Year.
  4. Also fine Site Map Section.
  5. You can also fill your online application in this TANGEDCO
  6. If you want to ask about LT Services Connection by filling Online Application.
  7. If you want to get updated with TANGEDCO than there is a section Latest News.
  8. Follow these steps for all details about TANGEDCO

About TNEB

TNEB Stands for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is Providing High Current and It also Distributing Company which is owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu, India. TNEB is published and established in the Section (131) of Electricity.

  • Founded on : 1st July, 1957
  • Distribute Area : Tamil Nadu
  • (HQ) Head Quarter : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Parent Organisation : Department of Power of Energy
  • Organisation : State Owned- Enterprise
  • Main Aim or Purpose : Power Generation and Distribution to Society

Overview of Tamil Nadu

Basically this publication is Examine performance of the 2 states in India which is Karnataka and Tamil Nadu they took efforts to install Solar Energy and Wind. It attempt all the distil reason for their Success  basically they using 3 renewable energy program both are very different. They also covers the main initiative to taken by the Country in the form of Regulation and Policies which is including in the formation of ministry of new and renewable energy and Electricity Act, 2003, The National Electricity Policy 2005 & The National Tariff Policy, 2006, Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana, 2005, Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission. In the rush of installation of Solar Hot Water Karnataka is one of the Leading State they installed area approx 2.3 Million Square Metres. But in the term of Wind Energy Tamil Nadu is the 2nd Leader that they installed total of Capacity of 5072 MW. So, this report focuses on the lessons from these Statements which are provided for the recommendation and based on renewable energies to create a favourable environment in other state to Promote this and adopt power as well. It’s dimension shows it’s Programs and Policies to the Indian Solar Industry which carry out an evaluation of Solar Technology to the perspective of it’s Application in India. In it’s case study the availability of good source of renewable energy is the Key factor behind the success of that type of Programs including Regulation and Policy for environment with good grid network in whole area also having land availability and some factors related with retail tech like user awareness, demand for the year and supply chains with reliable after sales services. The effectiveness of Wind Power in Tamil Nadu highlights the role which is played by it’s electricity supplier, TN Electricity Council is done some more development in the state for Wind Energy. With the help of this study policy makers and universities get more strength of Knowledge of Solution for renewable energy in more Asian Countries.

So, Dear Consumers with the help of these following steps which is given below you can also check your TNEB Online Payment and also you can find how to pay TNEB Online Bill Payment And region wise Online Payment TANGEDCO.

Background of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board

tneb online payment

At the year of 1908 Electricity Production in Tamil Nadu was limited and distributed into few small plants Tea States is in the race of Power of Water and a Small hydroelectric Station which is near by of Coonoor. And this government electricity department is established in the year of 1927.

In the year of 1908 Electricity production in Tamil Nadu is limited and it produces with very low tiny plants in Tea, and it is powered by water and small hydro-power plant Kattery which is very near to Coonoor.And this government electricity department is established in the year of 1927.

Now we are going to introduce to the Pykara Hydro Power Plant which is built by Sir Henry John G.Howard he was a British Engineer and also the first head electricity engineer in the Madras State. And Composite Madras Electricity Department was established in the year of 1933 with installation capacity of 70 Megawatt.

(TNEB) Tamil Nadu Electricity Board was established or came into the existence in July 1st 1957 which came under the provision of Electricity Board to the Law on 1948 to the state of Madras Padmashri VP Appadurai who is appointed as Chief Engineer. And the first power plant was established in 1971 Ennore, Chennai with it’s 1st Unite which have 60 Megawatt of Capacity.

Now take a quick overview on “Naphtha” it is a gas station which is based on 10 MW and published in Narimanam Since 1991-1992. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Ventured into the Wind which have nearly 120 units with 19,355 MW Capacity to control Commissioned in time for 1986-1993. In 1992 Act of Energy Sector is thrown open for Private Participation. It is the first independent Power Project which was published by GMR Vacavi Bainbridge in Chennai, India.

Guidelines :

Login Process :

If you are a New user than you have to register first to the website and provide your details.

Register a new user there is No Services and Additional Details to Pay TNEB Online Payment.

Now Service : i.e 02106516371

Step by Step procedure for TNEB Online Payment

Step 1 : 

TNEB Online Payment Portal :- https://www.tnebnet.org/awp/login

Step 2 :

Now open yellow highlighted page which is visible on Screen or you can creates a new user does TNEB Online Payment

Step 3 :

Now you need to select the name of Region where staying there.

e.g. If you are staying in Villupuram Town than you have to Select Online Payment option which is available on TNEB of all state region.

Step 4 :

You can also choose without Name of the region and they also provide Customer Care Number for TNEB Online Payment.

Step 5 :

If you have selected No # Service than you found your name if you are a home owner. Suppose you are stay as a tenant, so than it displays the name of a house owner. than you can find Username and Services Address and Status whether live or not.

And View Details of a Customer in Online Payment System of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Step 6 :

Update your Details like E-mail.

Username and password

Married or Single

Masculine or feminine

Occupation, residential address, Pin Code, State and Country

When you click on Submit Button then you will receive a confirmation email.

Than Details of User is in the payment system of TNEB Online.

Step 7 :

Once it get’s confirmed then you have to log in with your Username and Password.

To the TNEB Online Payment Login Page.

Step 8 :

On the right side of the Window you can clearly see Make a Payment option and add the No # Function. Now first Click Add Service No. and get confirmed with you name and other details to answer. And now go to the option which is named as Make Payment.

Step 9 :

Now you will be able to find the Name, Region and Address as well as all details. Monthly User details display in the Payment Application on TNEB ONLINE.

Step 10 :

Once you clicked Make Payment Option than you find all the details of Bank. Your bank facility have online banking then you select and pay your bills. In TNEB Online Payment both Credit and Debit Card is acceptable.

If you are done with this you all will get a Success Message or Alert, and you can also save your ebill on your computer for future use.

Now it has become a thin manufacturing which is facilitated by Sufficient availability of Power but in previous decade State has a surplus of Electricity.

Energy Sector :

It is observed from the above mentioned information the production capacity has not kept pace with per capital consumption which is increased significantly in recent years. State has used their purchasing Power through the short-term contracts for overcome the shortage. It Increased the Power Purchase cost to state with one reason and i is poor financial situation of Public State Electricity Service. But nearly 25% of Installed Capacity of sate is Wind which is based Seasonal and inform contributing to uncertainty of Power Ability.

(TNEB) Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is an umbrella that manages day to day operations in the energy sector to all over the sate.  The TNEB, unbundling process limited is became a holding company with two owned cooperative, (TANGEDCOS) Tamil Nadu Generation Corporation Limited. TANGEDCO takes care the function of generation and distribution of electricity in the state and it also manages the transmission sector.

Energy Sector :

From the above information it can be observed that the production capacity has not kept pick up with Per capital consumption is increasing significant in some previous years. But State is used their purchasing power through short-term contract due to this Purchasing power is the poor financial situation of Public State electricity services. At that time it is very nearly 25% of installation capacity of State is Wind and it is based on seasonal and inform contributing the uncertainty of Power availability.

As I mentioned above TNEB is an umbrella organisation which manages day by day operations of Energy Sector in all over state. The unbundling process, Now TNEB is became a  holding company with their 2 owned cooperative and they are (TANGEDCOS) Tamil Nadu Generation Corporation Limited and Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited. Tamil Nadu Generation Corporation Limited taking care of generation and distribution of Electricity in all over sector and TANTRANSCO manages transmission sector.

Sectoral Targets :

The Projects and Objective is going to be implemented by 2023 :

  • Establishment of MW of additional generation capacity of 20,000 with including 4000 MW of Ultra Mega Power for each project.
  • For Green Energy Maximum investment in wind and Solar Energy for creating Production Capacity of 10,000 MW of Renewable energy.
  • Significant investment for transmission sector is to create necessary discharge capacity with buffers for higher capacity of Energy Production. and high capacity transport corridors bid on PPP basis for establish the infrastructure with necessary evacuation.
  • 2 LNG Terminals Greenfield with 5 MPTA capacity and town gas infrastructure  of transport for 10 cities to establish.
  • Establishment of Smart Grid system which allows lower energy costs for all consumers, with innovation sparks in energy management of all level energy chain through economy and it improves security and reliability of power grid.
  • And Ensuring on vulnerable sections which are totally protected. In many countries Models of transport and distribution of Electricity have been implemented.

(TEDA) Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency

Now take a quick overview on (TEDA) Tamil Nadu Energy Development which is responsible for raising awareness regarding potential and promote the use of renewable energy. Basically It focuses on estimating potential for renewable which are changing for the policies for promotion of renewable energy and measure such implementation of demonstration project of R&D initiatives (TN Powerfin) Tamil Nadu Power Finance Corporation and Infrastructure Development Ltd. Basically TN Powerfin is set up with the aim of rising funds for energy sector in Tamil Nadu. This company is registered as (NBFC) Non-banking finance company which is wholly owned by Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The first objective of company is to mobilize resources through Public Deposit with loans to lend with state owned power companies.

Rapid increase in energy demand and concern economic with environmental consequences call for governance through energy in India. For understanding dynamic process of energy policy for energy sector of India. It is relevant to understand the policy object the context in they are placed. There are three main energy policy which are purchased by the Indian Government.

  • Firstly, Access to energy in primary objective of energy policy of decision of India. Quarter of population has no access to electricity.It include ensuring adequate supply and reliable energy to the people of India which aimed growing energy demand and supported by the economy growth.
  • Second thing is energy security which is driven by growing dependence on fuels which are imported. Now it is crucial to meet a huge demand for energy in India. Imports is increased in dependence and also exposes the country to greater geopolitical risk for the volatility of International Price.
  • Now Finally India is dedicated to mitigation of change in climate which is overcoming energy poverty and also ensure economic & social development remains top priority.

Completion of all three objectives is not an easy task, they can stand in conflict with each other. i.e. Provide affordable amount of Considerable energy by using low cost fuels mainly coal which is undermining effort for climate change and local pollution. And Continue use of national resources and promotion of indigenous energy tech. could help in long term security but it not solve the energy problem of a India.

Short Term :

In this section of Short Term there is a quick overview of Energy Sector of India and identifies challenge to achieve their goals of energy all over the country. This is consist in 9 chapters. and these chapters describe how each fuel sector contributes energy objective of India and Discussing on issues which are currently facing these goals. With the help of comparison of IEA World Energy outlook 2011 scenario and projection of Indian Government in these chapters they show how different future of energy of Indian which can evolve based on different conditions and assumptions. Finally chapter 9 is all about discuss key energy which appears in all areas of energy and which is closely related with each other, Pulling together is identified problems in previous chapter. Their main aim is to provide strategic perspective in Energy Sector in all over India.

Data Analysis in this document is benefited from 2 flagship publications of IEA World Energy Outlook 2011, Energy Technology Perspective 2010 with 2 specific to India Working Papers. Technology Prospects for Energy Sector and India Energy Industry Transition of India and the global context. IEA Data is basically used for historical reason trends and current state, for International Comparison. This also serve last official data and figures are available publicly by Indian Govt. at the time of paper was written. Impact and importance of India’s energy policy is an integrated approach the energy market without any doubt. It is crucial for strong sector and sustainable energy to maintain the dynamic of Indian Economy. This is also relevant for prosperity  on Mon-dial economy.

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On this site we provide information regarding TNEB Status, TNEB Bill Calculator, History of TNEB and TANGEDCO etc. So, Keep visiting this site daily for further updates and also get all detailed information regarding Tamil Nadu Government and Tamil Nadu Online Electricity Payment. With the help of this page you can get clear-cut guidelines to pay the TNEB Online Payment and also help you to check the status every time and it also help to pay your current bill through online mode with no extra charges will pay at the time of payment will cut from your bank account. And be careful while register and while you give your Credit or Debit card details it must be valid if not than gateway payment does not accept the payment and it will be redirected to cancellation. And Read whole guidelines carefully before payment. And it’s also help in log in directly to the home page.  And Pay your payment immediately for avoiding late charges.

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