SBI Platinum Debit Card Apply Online

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SBI Platinum Debit Card Apply Online

The State Bank of India (SBI) offers a range of debit cards to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. One such debit card is the SBI Platinum Debit Card, which comes with an array of features and benefits. With a daily ATM withdrawal limit ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,00,000 and a daily online transaction limit of Rs. 2,00,000, this card offers ample flexibility to the users. Additionally, it provides complimentary airport lounge access, SBI Rewardz points on every transaction, and online payment facility. The card is a perfect fit for those looking for a powerful and convenient payment option.

SBI Platinum Debit Card is an exclusive debit card that provides numerous benefits to its users. The State Bank of India issues it and comes with numerous features, such as higher ATM withdrawal limits, cashback offers, and reward points on transactions. SBI Platinum Debit Cardholders can also enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges nationwide.

Applying for an SBI Platinum Debit Card online is a hassle-free process that involves filling up a simple form on the bank’s website. After submitting all required documents, including proof of identity and residence, applicants will receive their debit cards within a few days. Overall, the SBI Platinum Debit Card offers a range of benefits that make it one of the most sought-after debit cards in India today.

Benefits of SBI Platinum Debit Card

One of the biggest benefits of having an SBI Platinum Debit Card is that it offers higher withdrawal limits compared to other debit cards. This means that you can withdraw more cash in a day, allowing you to manage your finances with ease. Additionally, the card offers enhanced security features such as chip and PIN technology, which protects against fraudulent transactions.

The SBI Platinum Debit Card is an ideal option for those who prefer using debit cards for their purchases, yet seek additional benefits like those offered by credit cards. One of the primary benefits of this card is that it offers reward points on every purchase made. For every Rs. 200 spent on shopping, dining, fuel, travel booking or online payment, the cardholder can earn 2 SBI Rewardz points.

Apart from this, the card also offers an activation bonus and birthday bonus points. The activation bonus gives 200 bonus points on the first three purchase transactions, while the birthday bonus doubles all the reward points earned during the cardholder’s birthday month. Additionally, the cardholder can enjoy complimentary airport lounge access, which is subject to change by the network providers.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the SBI Platinum Debit Card, you need to be a customer of SBI Bank and an Indian Resident or NRE. You must hold one of the following accounts with the bank – Savings Account, Current Account, Super Saver Account, Loan Against Shares Account (LAS), or Salary Account. If you do not hold an account with SBI Bank, you need to first open an account to avail of this platinum debit card.

Customers will also need to provide their personal information, such as name, address, and PAN (Permanent Account Number) card details during the application process.


SBI Platinum International Debit Card comes with certain fees and charges that one needs to be aware of. The issuance charge for the debit card is Rs. 300 plus applicable taxes. Additionally, the annual maintenance charge is Rs. 250 plus applicable taxes. In case the debit card needs to be replaced, a charge of Rs. 300 plus applicable taxes will be levied. It is important to note that these charges may be subject to change, and it is advisable to check with the bank for the latest fees and charges before applying for the card.

How to Apply Online

To apply for the SBI Platinum International Debit Card, you have the option to apply either online or offline. For offline application, you need to visit any SBI branch, fill out the application form and submit it to the bank along with the necessary documents. Once the application is verified, the bank will send the debit card to your registered mailing address.

For online application, you can either visit the SBI bank’s official website or use the net banking portal to apply for the debit card. However, please note that you need to hold a savings or current account with SBI Bank to apply for this platinum debit card.

Process for Activation

To activate your SBI Platinum Debit Card that you applied for online, follow these simple steps. First, ensure that you have received your card and its PIN from the bank via mail or courier. Once you have both, call the SBI customer care number (1800-425-3800) from your registered mobile number to initiate the activation process. The customer care executive will guide you through the process and may ask you to enter some information such as your card number and PIN.

Alternatively, if you have an active internet banking account with SBI, log in to it using your user ID and password. Navigate to ‘e-Services’ on the dashboard and select ‘ATM card services.’ Choose ‘Activate debit card,’ then input your 16-digit card number along with other mandatory details such as expiration date and CVV code. Click submit, and a confirmation message will appear indicating that your debit card has been activated.

Security Features

SBI Platinum Debit Card comes with several security features that ensure safe and secure transactions. The card is EMV chip-enabled, which offers enhanced protection against counterfeit fraud. It also has an additional layer of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for each transaction. This ensures that only the authorized cardholder can access the funds.

Moreover, SBI Platinum Debit Card offers Zero Lost Card Liability, which means if you lose your card or it gets stolen, you will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions made using it. Additionally, the card comes with daily withdrawal and transaction limits to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

SBI Platinum Debit Card also has international usage enabled along with a host of other features like cashback rewards and discounts on various purchases. Overall, SBI Platinum Debit Card is one of the safest and most convenient ways to make payments and enjoy numerous benefits while doing so.

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